This adhesive bandage with a pad for pressure hemostasis consists of a 6mm thick pad with excellent blood absorption and elastic adhesive tape.

It can be used for haemostasis and protective covering of peripheral veins after blood collection, tranfusion, or infusion using thick needle.


Peripheral vein haemostasis and covering protection after blood donation, tranfusion, and infusion using a thick needle (14-18 gauge)


Features of the pad area

Elliptical shape with heigh of 27mm

Covers both skin and vascular puncture

Compresses vascular puncture to haemostasis

Low skin irritation (oval pad)

Layered structure with various compression surfaces adopted

The first layer, which is in direct contact with the skin, consists of an extremely thin cellulose non-woven fabric that absorbs blood instantly. The tape side layer consists of a non-woven polyester fabric with water repellent properties, preventing blood bleed to the back of the tape

Features of the adhesive area

Stretch the tape moderately, apply it to the skin, and fix it so that it wraps the pad from all directions, so that the pad does not slip

  • Urethane non-woven fabric that is rich in vertical and horizontal stretch and flexibility
  • Elogation recovery rate exceed 90% for excellent effect on compression fixation
  • Acrylic adhesive that is less irritating to skin and less likely to cause rashes
  • Adhesive has high adhesiveness and secures well without slippng

Features of the packaging

  • Individually sterilized before packaging
  • Packaging designed for easy opening and quick product removal
  • From pack opening to product application, the entire use procedure is sanitary as it can be performed without touching the pad, which comes in contact with the skin puncture area.