Renal-Sol Haemodialysis Concentrate 45X (1+44)

Cost efficient

Lesser concentrate volume needed per treatment. Replacement of 10L cannisters every THREE treatments as opposed to over TWO treatments (compared to 35X)

Space efficient

Lesser number of stackable cannisters required for stock holding each delivery interval

Environmental friendly

Stackable cannister design up to SEVEN levels eliminate the need for carton box packaging, hence generating less packaging waste

Sealed for assurance

Each cannister is sealed with aluminium foil to prevent tampering and contamination

Renal-Sol series of haemodialysis concentrate are also available in 36.83X and 35X.

Dilution ratio 1 : 1.575 : 42.425
Code Ca++ (mmol/L)
A60 1.00
A61 1.25
A62 1.50
A63 1.75