Renal-Dry Bicarbonate Powder – Sachet Bag



  • Renal-DRY® series is a sodium hydrogen bicarbonate part containing pure Sodium Bicarbonate, Ph. Eur. powder for haemodialysis treatment.
  • Powder for haemodialysis is a practical alternative to liquid basic bicarbonate haemodialysis solution 8.4 %.
  • The sachet bag is laminated with aluminium film for ultimate moisture barrier to prevent microbial growth and humidity during the raining seasons.
  • Powder shall be pre-diluted before use. Just empty the bag and follow instruction on the packaging label.
  • Available in variable size containing 420 grams, 840 grams and 8400 grams, granulated, free-flow Pure Sodium Bicarbonate powder, BP/ Ph. Eur. (EP)/USP.
  • Minimum storage space and ergonomic packaging size with minimal waste and less environmental impact compared to disposable liquid bicarbonate in jugs

Comes in sizes 420g, 840g and 8400g