Injection Pad

Adhesive bandage with a haemostatic pad made of a cellulose-based non woven pad with excellent absorbency, a pulp / polyester-based nonwoven backing that is flexible and air permeable, and an acrylic adhesive


  • Covering protection following intravenous injection, blood collection, or immunization shot
  • Covering protection after arthrocentesis


Strong adhesion and fixing performance
Nichiban SURGICAL TAPE-21N used for adhesive tape. It sticks well because it is circular, and has high adhesiveness and flexibility.

Low irritation
This product consists of a pulp / polyster-based non-woven fabric that is flexible and has good air permeability, and an acrylic adhesive.

Sanitary and user-friendly design
Easily and sanitarily applied without having to touch the pad and the adheisve side