Hollister One Piece Ostomy System

The Hollister range of one-piece pouches is flexible, discreet, and available to suit most stoma types. Pouches with integrated tape are designed to offer maximum security against leakage

Premier™ One-Piece Drainable Ostomy Pouch Flextend™ Flat – Clamp closure

Code 8651 size 64mm

A one-piece, drainable pouching system designed to be opened at the bottom when emptying. The Flextend™ Cut-to-Fit™ barrier is an extended wear skin barrier that is durable and offer high resistance to erosion. To close the pouch, use the curved, beige clamp.

Premier™ One-Piece Drainable Ostomy Pouch Flextend – Lock ‘N Roll™ closure with filter


Code 8331 size 64mm


Code 85211 size 64mm

The Lock ‘N Roll™ closure utilizes plastic interlocking fasteners to create a secure closure at the bottom of the pouch. The AF300™ filter allows for a slow release and deodorization of gas from the pouch.

Premier™ One-Piece Urostomy Pouch

Code 8460 size 64mm

A one-piece, urostomy pouching system with a tap at the bottom, which allows it to be connected to a bedside collector with the use of the adaptor provided. Anti-reflex feature in pouch minimizes backflow of urine.